Books are not dead

Picture of Alan Philipp

Some 20 years ago I was at a Directory and Database international conference.

One of the speakers said “20 years ago Marshall McLuhan,- the great Canadian philosopher of communication theory – said that in 15 years books will be dead, 15 years later he was dead but books continue”

We feel there is still a major place for physical books to be complimentary to electronic media.

If you want to search for suitable new customers in your area it is certainly easier to use your eyes which can scan 2 pages, or around 400 lines of information in a book compared to only 20 or 30 lines of information on screen. Just one new contact might immediately show up who you would not have identified by a more selective internet search. To see a range of names in a book is also likely to be far cheaper than to buy a mailing list which will not normally have the same depth of information.

On other occasions you may know the details of the company but cannot remember the phone number of contact names. Searching a book you have easily available will be several times faster than a more complex search on the internet.

So buy the books and save both money and time. Our books are as comprehensive and as relevant as possible and will be published for many more years.

Alan Philipp
GAP Books Founder and Managing Partner